What is Patient Charter

What is Patient Charter –

  • The Patients’ Rights Charter is a charter that promotes and protects your rights as a patient in the health care sector.
  • The charter tells what your rights and responsibilities are as a patient when you go for treatment and medication at health facilities.
  • The Patients’ Rights Charter reminds us to be respectful towards one another as nurses, doctors and patients at hospitals and clinic

Why Patient Charter

As a patient you can use it as a tool to claim your rights to good quality health care.

  • It helps to raise awareness about human rights in the health sector and puts the Constitution into practice by promoting access to health care, equity and patient rights that you as a patient can expect to receive and demand, just because you are human.
  • BUT you are also
  • responsible for your own health. For example, you need to sleep for six to seven hours at night,
  • exercise regularly and eat fruit and vegetables every day. Avoid smoking and excessive drinking


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  • Sometimes doctors and nurses can treat patients disrespectfully and sometimes patients are rude to staff.
  • The charter is there to try to help us to learn to trust and respect one another.
  • The responsibility for your health is shared between you and the doctor and/or nurse.
  • Knowing your rights and responsibilities as a patient means that you

       have to treat the doctors, nurses and other patients with respect and they, in turn, must treat you with respect.

In this way, we can learn to trust each other.



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