New Maternity and Urology Centres for Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital

Parliament of Ghana approves new Maternity and Urology Centres for Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital

New Maternity and Urology Centres for Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital ||

Parliament of Ghana has approved construction of new 330 bed Maternity Block and a 101 bed Urology and Nephrology Centre for Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital .

This approval forms part of an agreement by government of Ghana to construct several health facilities across the country. The Centers are part of Government’s initiatives to improve maternal care and ensure that medical care in areas of kidney transplantation is accessible to all persons in the Ghana. The projects will begin this year and be completed in 2022. The Urology and Nephrology Centre centres will run a paperless service with installed information communication technology  equipment, CCTV and other relevant softwares to provide seamless care to clients.

New Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital  Maternity Block
The new Maternity Block will be fully equipped with all ancillary facilities. The 145.22million Euro project has been awarded to Rizzani DE ECCHER and Bergam, with support from the Hospital’s Engineering Department.

The 11 storey building block will be located at the golf course adjacent to the Reproductive Health Unit. The old Maternity Block will still be in use until the new one is fully completed.
The Block will have a 300-capacity OPD waiting area; Post and Ante-Natal Consulting Rooms with a 100seater waiting area, washrooms and a staff base; a Pharmacy Unit with dispensing area, storage, an office with a 24-seater waiting area; 32-seater restaurant with a preparation area, server and washrooms and administrative offices, with a 20-seater meeting room and a server room.

The New Maternity Block will also have of an Emergency Unit with a 2-bed triage, operation theatre, 20-seater waiting area and consulting rooms; surgical suites, and a 5-bed High Dependency Unit (HDU) ward;, pharmacy unit, 4-bed Intensive Care Unit (ICU), neonatal intensive care unit, physiotherapy unit with exercise and therapy rooms, among other facilities, such as:

In addition to the above facilities, the new Maternity Block will have open wards for 200 people, a 2-bed ward for 24 people, a 4-bed ward for 20 people and a VVIP ward for 10 people.

Labour Delivery Area
The new Maternity Block will be fitted with private labour delivery rooms, Fetal and Maternity Assessment Rooms, Sluice rooms and support facilities, sterile supply room and lifts, staircases, ramps, lobbies and lounges.

New Urology and Nephrology Centre

The new Urology and Nephrology Center is a 38 Million Euro facility which will provide enhanced treatment for persons with genito-urinary conditions, chronic and acute kidney failures.
The Center will provide nephrology services such as kidney transplantation and is expected to have a-30 suite dialysis station for persons with kidney disorders. The project has been awarded to VAMED Engineering GmbH, with support from the Hospital’s Engineering Department. Other facilities in the center includes:

The new center will have a 3 suite operation theaters, a six bed recovery room and an Intensive Care Unit. There will also be a Central Sterilization and Stores Department (CSSD) to sterilize all theater equipment and material.

Pharmacy Unit
There will be a Pharmacy Unit that will prepare and store medicines and dispense medicines to patients.

The Center will have a Microbiology Unit, a Hematology and Chemistry Unit, a Blood Bank and additional offices and meeting rooms.

Administratively, the Center will have administrative offices, an 8-seater boardroom, a server room and pantry,staff library and  a 64-seater conference room.

Support Facilities

110 lots for car parking space, a guard house, kitchen, laundry and a storage unit will all be available.

The 2 storeyed Urology and Nephrology Center will also be built on the plot of land between the Alexander Avenue, Slater Avenue and Whirlpool street.


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SOURCE: GhanaHealthCheck.Com  || New Maternity and Urology Centres for Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital || 

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