Ghana School of hygiene students accuse police of brutality during protest

Ghana School of hygiene students who picketed on Monday, August 17, 2020, at the Ministry of Health accused the police of using excessive force to disrupt their protest.

The students picketed at the Ministry on Monday to seek payment of unpaid allowances owed to them.

The students have protested that, despite government promises over the years, they have not earned allowances for 3 years.

As it now stands, a total sum of GHS 12,000 is owed to each student according to the students. However, the government is disputing the amount.

The students, who brought with them mattresses, food items, and utensils for cooking, set up camp at the Ministry as early as 3 am.

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Armed police officers were mobilized Monday evening to physically evict them from the premises.

Some of them got hurt and when Citi News talked to them, one woman aimed her rage at the President.

“How a person could be handled like this. I am in the Chair very sad and disappointed. He said he’s a father of all so how can he let it happen under his watch.

The Sanitation Ministry chief executive laughed “when the police used the shocker and the belt on us,” she said.

Another student also said the attack left her with “bruises so I dressed it in gentian violet yesterday. I feel my heart discomfort.’

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She also attacked the head of the Ministry of Sanitation.

“I believe the chief executive of this thing that happened … he was laughing there so I think that man is responsible.”

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