Ghana Nurse-Midwife Trainees’ Association Meeting With Stakeholders

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Date: Saturday, 6th June, 2020.


Venue: N&MC Conference Hall

In attendance:
1.Reps from N&MC (Registrar, Dep. Registrar and other N&mc officials)
2. Reps from GRNMA (President, Sec and Treasurer)


1. Request for nmc exams to be written in May for results to be released earlier so as to enable trainees start service in September like the other university students do.

The actual exit time for trainees is June/July not may. There are so many hidden factors in our proposal however, it is just a matter of time to implement such measures of which when implemented release of results will take from 10 up to 2 weeks after completion of online exams. Plans are being made to conduct exams early for trainees to start service as university students do which will base on time factor.

2. Request for the nmc to submit a supplementary list for the referral batch to MoH to eschew the frustration re-sitters go through in wait for another financial clearance which has become a chronic delay rendering countless numbers of qualified nurses and midwives unemployed.

The letter that comes from MoH requests for a list of qualified nurses and per the definition of nmc, qualified means students who have passed their exams.
The measure taken by Nmc prevents Ghost names from the system. Secondly these measures are put in place to maintain standards. If supplementary list are sent, students will feel reluctant to write because their list have already been sent to MoH for clearance.

3. Request for national service to be done basing on national service requirement i.e degree and diploma certificates not licensure exams

Up until 2014 national service was not coupled with internship. National service secretariat wanted National service to be done for 1 year and rotation also for a year making it 2 years in all of service but interventions were made to fuse both together hence national service/Rotation for a period of 12 months. Professionally, rotation service is part of the training program. Rotation is structured with strict monitoring unlike the normal national service done by other students from the universities hence passing of the licensure exams makes it legit and necessary to endorse one’s commencement of rotation service.

4. Enquiries about the examination calendar and the modalities involved

Licensing exams cannot be conducted without completion of the 6th semester. There has been a first meeting with national accreditation board, COHHETI, Health training institutions Secretariat and UCC via zoom to harmonize thoughts concerning the exams. After end of semester exams has been duly completed, Principals will inform us of their readiness to collaboratively schedule the exam timetable. Nevertheless, the questions are ready waiting for every due process to be completed. The online exams can be spread over a period with a certain quantum of students to write with observance of social distancing but the practical exams deals with resolving to professional and strict measures to observe all protocols so as to ensure safety of students.
With the online exams, a school that has a student population of maybe 100 will go in alternative batches as we have had in Chemistry , Physics and Biology practicals back at SHS.

5. Reasons for nac/nap not undertaking national service

National service is for students who have undergone tertiary programes. The 2 year program (nac/nap) is a non-tertiary program. They are ministry of health customized programs to meet the health sector needs which are regulated by the Nmc. For a nac/nap student to undergo rotation, the student will have to do a 2 year top-up program i.e post nac/nap which migrates the student from the auxiliary status to the tertiary program then the nac/nap student can undertake the national service. After the national service the AIN (auxiliary identification number) is changed to PIN (Professional identification number)

6. Awarding degree certificates to diploma students after the 3 year programe and 1 year mandatory rotation service which is part of the training making it 4 years as compared to 4 years of the bsc students

Students offering diploma cannot be given the degree certificates because
1. The entry requirement cut off points for diploma and degree and different
2. The degree nurses are trained for 4 years with a 1 year rotation service done in addition making it 5 years hence the difference in the two programmes.

7. Registration of the uniform

We’ve been to Registrar general department and we’ve been told our uniforms cannot be registered because they have only registered three uniforms. Nevertheless, the nursing and midwifery leadership is also deliberating on having 2 forms of uniforms
1. Clinical uniforms i.e. scrubs for the clinical setting
2. Ceremonial uniforms for gatherings and programmes.
All these measures are being put in place to prevent nosocomial infections.

Results checker card fee to be factored into the Nmc entrance fee requiring date of birth and index number to access results which starts in August 2020.


Venue: MoH

In attendance:
1. MoH HR and 1 other official
2. Reps from Grnma
3. Reps from Gnmta

1. Policy of allowance i.e. duration, inconsistencies, timeline for payment of allowance etc

When government decided to reinstate trainee allowance plans were made for the policy to start 2017/2018 academic year. Unfortunately those who completed June 2017 were not recipients because by then the policy hasn’t been implemented for the restoration of allowance. There was a cabinet decision that trainee allowance were supposed to be paid in an academic year which comprises it 4 months in each academic year making it 8 months in all but the sector minister of health intervene making reference to comparing the work of trainee nurses to that of trainee teachers which in effect argument was made to add 2 extra months to that of the trainee nurse making it a total of 10 months for only health trainees.

Academic year starts from September and ends in June but when budgeting is made at ministry of finance it starts from January to December not the academic calendar style. In furtherance to this, payment of trainee allowance was divided into two.

Clearance has been provided to pay Jan to march 2020 allowance of which that of December has been requested by MOH from ministry of finance but of which plans were far advanced to pay the January to March allowance in wait for clearance for December 2019 allowance when unfortunately Covid visited. Due the pandemic controller had to halt processes to pay allowances that is how come there has been an undue delay.

Clearance for payment of allowance for January to March 2020 was issued by MoF 11th march 2020 which entails so many processes and institutions to ensure due payment. If an institutions fails in carrying out its duties in the chain, the ministry cannot push for that process to be done. As far as we’re concerned, government has made budget to pay allowance of 10 months. Inconsistencies in payment results from mistakes in quoting bank accounts and e-zwich numbers so any error made halts the process.

None of trainees who are supposed to be paid trainee allowance will be denied because budget has been made for it but it has delayed because of the pandemic.

Proposal was made to pay the allowance through controller in lieu of e-zwich to curb the inconsistencies

Well noted. Proposal to be sent to the minister for deliberations.

Dr. Asabire requested for the list collated of schools with arrears which was submitted and he assured us of due follow up to ensure they are paid.

2. Time frame for the Jan to march allowance clearance that is ready to be effected

Several institutions are involved with several processes so a time frame can’t be given.

3. Modalities put in place concerning reopening of finalist

We’ve had a zoom meeting with stakeholders; COHHETI, MoH, national accreditation board, UCC, KNUST and NMC to deliberate on these matters. Fumigation at the various health training institutions is ongoing before 15th June.

My outfit has been asked to provide the numbers of the finalist to consider how provision of nose masks, sanitizers, veronica buckets and other PPE’S can be made. Strict protocols will be followed and none of our students life will be put in danger.

Plans are far advanced to ensure that schools will be safe to receive final year students. These modalities are being considered one at a time. We are looking at how final years can exit before we look at how to get continuing students back to school and also how to admit new students.

4. Plans concerning e-learning for continuing students

We have engaged Vodafone. They have a similar package for knust and UG where students don’t pay any amount but students use Ids to log into a platform to study. We have engaged Vodafone to do same so that none of the students will pay in assessing lectures and plans are far advanced to implement such.

5. Delay in the generation of staff ids for the October rotational nurses

The delay is due to the pandemic which has halted certain processes. However, I will follow up with the agencies and find out if there are any difficulties then we resolve. We will speak with MoF to send teams to the various regions to get the biometric registration done in order to prevent interns from coming from all parts of the country to get their biometric registration done.

I will schedule three of my staff to be schedule officers for rotational nurses to commute between IPPD, GHS, CHAG to facilitate the process of staff ids.

6. Plans to facilitate bio metric registration process for the 2020 rotational nurses batch in order to avoid the chronic delay in payment of allowance

It’s a process which will be duly followed to prevent the undue delay of payment of allowance of the 2019 batch.

1.When will trainee allowance be migrated to 8H as stipulated in the single spine salary structure?

2. When will rotation allowance be migrated to 12L as stipulated in the single spine salary structure?

Response from Grnma
Engagements will be made with the labour commissions to discuss such matters which starts 4th June.

Gnmta Dues
Principals reluctance to release payment for Gnmta national, zonal and local dues

Response from Dr. Asabire:
A strong reminder will be sent to the Principals to release funds for local presidents to pay dues.

The leadership of GNMTA empathizes with all our members as we also feel the suffering we have been plunged to for months, but wish to plead on all members to stay resolute as we use the philosophy of dialogue and non violence means. Not forgetting of the continuous pressure we mount on our patron daily to get our needs addressed.
Thank you.

GNMTA will continue to do all for the health of all.

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Let us get interactive on social media ;
Facebook: Gnmta National

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